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Sleep in style in this hammock by Grand Trunk as it has a built-in mosquito netting. This takes only minutes to set-up and you'll be relaxing by the fire in no time!



We've recenlty added an under hammock blanket by Snugpak to insure a solid night's sleep in lower temperatures.  This adds additional insulation underneath the hammock to prevent your back-side from getting cold.

Don't get caught snoozing in a rain storm! This quality Noah-12 tarp by Kelty is large enough to keep you and your vital gear dry. It's so light and compact you'll forget you even have it in your kit. But don't forget it in camp! (Eight Cam-Jams with reflective paracord come with this rental to assist you during set-up.)

This folding camp hair has a weight limit of 500lbs! I've found it travels best tethered on the bow of my kayak. Rest assured you'll not create a FRANKENCHAIR!

This extremely lightweight and compact single-burner stove fits effortlessly in your kit. It takes seconds to set-up and only minutes to bring water to a boil! This rental package includes one fuel canister.



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